Montmartre COD wood Montmartre COD wood
Rs. 41,343.00
In a design as iconically English as The Beatles, this chest of drawers adds its dapper charm to any nook.
Rs. 34,541.00
It isn't Paris without a gilded boudoir. And it isn't a boudoir without a pastel chest of trinket drawers.
Rs. 44,500.00
Classic Parisian lines are reimagined in the iconic ethos of 60s Calcutta in this unique cabinet lined with original Sabyasachi...
Rs. 45,537.00
Of tree-lined avenues and walks along the countryside - this vintage red chest of drawers is an ode to English...
Rs. 39,402.00
BV__4_6_83f15822-728e-44ed-8854-752f686c161f The Jodhpur Chest of Drawers
As regal as it is flamboyant, the Jodhpur chest of drawers celebrates the artistic exuberance of an erstwhile royalty
Rs. 49,238.00
A bold testament to 'sleek is beautiful', this chest of drawers takes its cues from the dapper art deco townhouses...
Rs. 44,000.00
French in handwriting with an interest in the cast iron handles adding to its story, this COD is beautifully combined...
Rs. 45,720.00
Our contemporary interpretation on a COD with a carved beading detail for its center two drawers creating an elevation in...
Rs. 46,912.00
Our wanderlust takes us to a heartfelt village in Paris. With "Village of Paris" stenciling artwork and four sizeable functional...
Rs. 45,105.00
BV__58 The Salcete Chest of Drawers
Exemplifying a unique amalgam of cultures, the Salcete chest of drawers adds a Portuguese touch to floral Indian bone inlay.
Rs. 49,238.00
BV__137 The Mauritius Chest of Drawers
Sold Out
Quaint fish-scale motifs in a powdery sky blue lends this bone-inlay chest of drawers a touch of the island life.
Rs. 49,238.00
BV__193 The Jaipur Chest of Drawers
Inspired by the rose-tinted city in Rajasthan, this contemporary chest of drawers makes a floral statement in the intricate bone...
Rs. 49,238.00