Every home is an extension of those who live within its walls & every space, a reflection of a distinct personality.

Guided by this simple tenet, we create furniture and décor pieces that are as unique as the homes they are hand crafted for. From lending a new lease of life to cherished heirlooms, to the bespoke pieces we make to order, we translate an eco-conscious philosophy that reimagines vintage aesthetics for a modern way of life.


A passion for art, handcrafting and the nuances of European design, our story began in Bangalore in 2013 with a tiny garage -turned-workshop and big leap of faith. Today, we have evolved into a contemporary décor house that crafts bespoke pieces across our verticals of Statement Creations, Upcycled Furniture, and Interior Design.


that is created or repurposed in the hands of our experienced team of craftsmen is an embodiment of our brightly-hued philosophy of sustainable design. Using locally sourced raw materials and premium hardware hand picked from around the world, our pieces are designed for longevity and utmost functionality. Where, one of its kind is all you will need for years to come.

Our Services


We craft and curate distinct pieces of furniture rooted in a vintage-chic aesthetic. Our eclectic creations and customized orders are crafted from locally-sourced materials by artisans working in-house and across India.


With our eclectic sense of design and astute craftsmanship, we create spaces that accentuate the unique style and personality of our clients. Our end-to-end service starts from the conception of design and spans every detail of execution across palettes, furniture and home décor. Not working on more than two projects at a time ensures a hands-on team, dedicated to perfection.


A couch that’s heard your whispered secrets, or the cupboard passed down through generations. We lend a new lease of life to those cherished pieces that carry precious memories. Our Upcycling vertical is a salient example of our commitment to sustainable and conscious design. From a simple upgrade to a complete overhaul, we find myriad ways to reuse, refurbish and re-love your beloved furniture.